Homes for Sale Scarborough

HOMES FOR SALE SCARBOROUGH Homes for Sale Scarborough

The real estate market prices in Scarborough are at an all-time low, and while this isn’t necessarily a good sign for sellers, it’s great for buyers. You can purchase homes for sale Scarborough at some the lowest prices they’ve been in years. Although, this is just one of the reasons why buying a home in Scarborough is a good idea.

The fact is that Scarborough isn’t any different than the rest of the Toronto area. Right now, everywhere around Toronto has cheap real estate prices. What draws people to Scarborough, though, is the culture, surrounding attractions and beautiful landscape. Sure, you can purchase real estate and homes for dirt-low prices in other districts, but nothing is quite like Scarborough.

Scarborough is a district that’s bordered by the Rogue River to the east, Lake Ontario to the south, Victoria Park Avenue to the west and Steeles Avenue to the north. Many outdoor adventurists hike trails which lead to the beautiful flowing Rogue River. The Rogue River Valley is an around the river where people can go to see a variety of wildlife including foxes, deer, rabbits and other animals inhabiting the area.

Another adventurous location residents of Scarborough often enjoy are the eastern cliff formations known as the Scarborough Bluffs. These cliffs stretch for nearly 9 miles along the shore of Lake Ontario and reach nearly 200 feet at their highest locations. For residents living in Scarborough, this is one of the greatest outdoor attractions the district has to offer. Something that’s interesting about the Scarborough Bluffs is that it’s been eroding away over the years. While the erosion is small on scale, it’s still threatened the safety of the houses built directly on the edge of the cliffs, and as such, many abandoned homes can be seen standing on the cliff.

Of course Scarborough also offers plenty of activities for those who would rather stay indoors. For individuals who enjoy shopping, there’s the Scarborough Town Centre mall, which is the fifth largest mall in Ontario and features over 200 active retail stores. Originally constructed in 1972, this mall contains many popular stores including The Bay, Sears, Wal-Mart, Old Navy, Gap and H&M.

Outside of the Scarborough Town Centre is the Scarborough Civic Centre. This building was originally used as a municipality centre but is now used for various events, such as tours, art displays, cultural planning and business networking. The most notable feature of the Scarborough Town Centre is the sculptures which reside outside of. There’s a beautifully sculpted “Hand of God” done by the talented sculptor Albert Campbell.

All of these attractive amenities are just a few of the reasons why more and more people are seeking homes for sale Scarborough. It’s one of the most popular districts in Toronto with tons of attractions, activities and sights to see. If you district to purchase a home here, you’ll be more than pleased with everything the district has to offer. The district is growing fast, though, and people are buying up property left and right, so don’t wait until it’s too late. Check to see if your dream house is available in Scarborough now.

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