Kennedy Park homes in Scarborough

Kennedy Park neighbourhood is also known as Scarborough Junction. The Kennedy Park neighbourhood consists of a small community located in the middle of Scarborough. It is bordered by Birchmount, Brimley and Eglinton Roads as well as St. Clair Avenue. The landmarks of the place include the Holy blossom Memorial and the Pine Hill Cemetery.

Homes here are old bungalows as well as new homes. Along the winding streets also are found split levels houses with neat lawns. Most of the homes were built in the 40s and the 50s when farming fields were replaced with buildings. Towards the northern part in Eglinton, and to the east side of Kennedy road houses are two storey, split level, and large detached bungalows that were built from the 1950s through to the 1960s. Also available are high rise rental apartments towards the periphery of the streets. The dominant communities are the Filipino, East Indian, Sri-Lankan and Chinese populations.

Shopping in Scarborough Junction or Kennedy Park can be done along the Eglinton Avenue where there are several supermarkets, improvement stores, flea market, auto service centers, video stores, medical and professional offices, discount departments and new car dealerships. Smaller shopping centers are in the Kennedy Park Plaza, Midland and Greystone Plaza.

A recreational centre is the Mid Scarborough Community centre at Eglinton Avenue which has craft dance, fitness centers and social programs for adults and children. There are four public elementary schools in Kennedy Park, two public high schools and two catholic schools. Public transportation by bus service connects major routes to the Eglinton Go Train.

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