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Markham is a very up and coming neighbourhood of GTA. I’ve been very active in the Markham region for over 12 years, in fact, my office is also in Markham. The city of Markham has been a neighbourhood which is in great demand for a long time; the reason being, the York schools are considered to be one of the best schools in GTA. A lot of Chinese community, and a lot of Indian community is in the city of Markham. You can buy a property in Markham for as low as $350,000, in which you can buy a very comfortable town house.

For semi-detached, the price range is closer to $450,000; and a detached house, you can buy for $500,000 and above, and if you really want your dream house, it could run up to more than $1,000,000. Markham can also be broken in to basically two broad parts, where Eastern part is relatively available at a cheaper price.

The Eastern part of Markham starts at East of 9th Line, whereas the Western part goes up the Woodbine. The Western part of Scarborough is relatively more expensive as it is closer to Young Street, and it is closer to the highway 404. Highway 407 is a big advantage when it comes to if you are willing to pay the toll. Just like any city, in Markham also, there are smaller neighbourhoods, which I would be able to elaborate on if you give me a call, and you have a particular question about a particular intersection in Markham. It will be a pleasure for me to answer your queries.

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