RRSP for Down Payment


A lot of my clients, when  buying a house for the first time ask me whether they can use the RRSP to pay the down –payment. The answer is yes, if you a first time home-buyer the federal government allows you to use up to 20,000 dollars from your RRSP. However it is required that [...]

Toronto Real Estate Outlook 2012


In the year 2012, real-estate in Toronto will continue to appreciate but at a moderate pace. The expectation for the appreciation in real-estate for the city of Toronto is around 3%; which is however, less than the 7% appreciation we saw in 2011.The lower appreciation rate could partially be due to the fact that along [...]

How to Pay Off Mortgage Early?


There are actually quite a few ways by which you can pay off mortgage early as opposed to waiting for the full term. I will give you a few tips. One, whenever you go for mortgage if you have adequate income try to go for amortization Of 25 years instead of 30 years because by [...]