Houses for Sale in Scarborough


Are you looking for houses for sale in Scarborough? Right now, it’s a buyers market with record-low prices and interest rates. However, this district is one of the most popular destinations for people seeking new homes, so if you want to live in this beautiful district, you need to act now. The district of Scarborough [...]

Homes for Sale in Scarborough


If you’re thinking of moving to Canada, you should consider purchasing real estate in Scarborough. This now-dissolved municipality is located in the eastern section of the greater Toronto area and is quickly becoming one of the most popular places to live in Ontario. In fact, a recent census study revealed that between 1996 and 2001, [...]

Etobicoke Homes for Sale


Location one chooses for a house should be comfortable, nearer to, all the medical facilities and educational institutes, besides offering good amenities. Before choosing a house based on Etobicoke homes for sale ad, one should lay hands on real estate market reports that are available online. What goes into Buying a Home? A home has [...]

Thornhill Homes for Sale


The Village of Thornhill has grown steadily since it was first founded all the way back in 1794. From those humble beginnings has grown a thriving community, a city within a city, of nearly 110,000 residents who now call Thornhill, Ontario, home. And speaking of homes Thornhill has plenty of homes to offer for a [...]

Toronto Real Estate Outlook 2012


In the year 2012, real-estate in Toronto will continue to appreciate but at a moderate pace. The expectation for the appreciation in real-estate for the city of Toronto is around 3%; which is however, less than the 7% appreciation we saw in 2011.The lower appreciation rate could partially be due to the fact that along [...]