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It is difficult to build a building in between two highways, but Ten York design makes the job of designing seem simple. In the past Ten York architect, Rudy Wallman, has designed buildings to adapt to their surroundings, but the new condos at Lake Shore present new challenges for Rudy. The buildings at Ten York have been design to as a gateway for the area of Toronto.

5a645e3642b1b9175d6455ffff27 Ten York Design & ArchitectThe new project that will be located at Lake Shore by York and Harbour. It is located in a triangle, which has presented the design team with unique challenges. The Ten York Architecture will be using unique materials and angles to aid in the building catching the light. When the project is finished, the buildings will look like they are unveiling the city, through their gateway as the light reflects off of them.

The Ten York architect, Ruby Wallman, has also made the base of the Ten York building unique. The ground level of the buildings will also feature a weather protection system to continue the path that ends at Lake Shore and York. Another unique feature of the design of Ten York is the inset balconies that will overlook, York, Lake Shore and Maple Leaf Square.

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The 75 story buildings will tower over the existing landscape and seem as a gateway to the city. It is sure to be an impressive site, when entering the city of Toronto. The Ten York architect, Ruby Wallman was presented with many challenges designing the project, but it will ad to the Toronto skyline.

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