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Tridel is going to make its name in the city of Toronto once again with the new Ten York Condo sky rise that will grace the skylines of Toronto. The towers that are under construction at Lakeshore and Habour, are going to look as if Toronto as a new gateway. The design of the building also has payed close attention to the needs of transportation. The 10 York Toronto project as received praise for its design, as well as for its particular attention to the transit needs of the city of Toronto.


10 york street map 300x225 More About Ten YorkThe design of Ten York by Tridel has proved challenging, being that the project lies in between two of the Toronto’s busiest highways. It will be built on a triangular site, that has brought many challenges, as well as uniqueness to the design. It also provide a great canvas for Ten York architect, Rudy Wallman, to create some of the projects most incredible features that have made it the talk of Toronto.

The buildings have been described to be a gateway to the city when they are finish. The 75 story towers will be built with unique materials and angles to take advantage of the sites unique triangular location and when finish they will look as if they are unveiling the city through their gates as the light reflects from the angles of the buildings. This gateway will be seen as you drive into to the city as if to welcome you to the city of Toronto.

The Ten York architect, Rudy Wallman, has included solutions for transit and pedestrians in his design. The project is to include a weather protection system that will continue the path from Maple Leaf Square. The project has also been praised by walk score a website and organization, that rates neighborhoods for their design for pedestrians. The Ten York project as received a score of 92 from the organization. It is easy to access and meets the transit needs of its tenants.

The Ten York Condo project announced the launch of the project in November of 2011 and work is now well underway.  The Build Toronto group has also now joined with Tridel on the Ten York project. The project now has a partner with the city of Toronto to help move the project forward. This project will not only bring an iconic landmark to the city of Toronto, it will also bring jobs to the community.

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