Village Green Square

 Village Green Square

The latest addition to Scarborough skyline are the Metrogate communities built by Tridel. Metrogate actually consist of six buildings, two of which by the name of Solaris, have already been built and handed over to the unit owners. The next two buildings, by the name of Ventus would be built shortly because the construction is going on in full swing. And the next two buildings are by the name of Avani, which would be built by the year 2014. Other than these six residential buildings, there’s another commercial complex coming up in the same Metrogate communities. These buildings are build by Tridel, and going by the Tridel name, these buildings have got excellent amenities, which includes, gym, sauna, Jacuzzi, private theatre, and even a rooftop terrace with barbecue facilities. Tridel, the name itself assures excellent qualities when it comes to construction, or providing the amenities.

These buildings are located on Kennedy Road, just North of the 401, which makes it very accessible for Scarborough, as it lies in the Western part of Scarborough, it makes it even more popular. These buildings are in close proximity to highway 401 as well, so even if you are commuting by car, or if you are dependent upon public transportation, this building is in an excellent location. The price range for the existing buildings, which is Solaris, for a two bedroom, the price range is anywhere from 280,000 to 300,000. For renters, the expected price range for two bedrooms would be anywhere from 320,000 to about 335,000. For Avani, since that is getting handed out in 2014, the price range for a two bedroom would be around 350,000 dollars. And looking at the location and the quality of these buildings, these prices are quite attractive. Since Metrogate communities have got six buildings, which the street address for these buildings is Village Green Square. There’s another commercial building which will be launched in about five years, which is part of the same complex, and with the Sheppard subway line expected to reach there as well, it makes it all the more attractive. Two buildings, which is Solaris, does have an indoor swimming pool which makes it more attractive than the rest of the buildings because Aventus and Avani, swimming pool is not available.

Now some people feel that by not having the indoor swimming pool, you are saving on the maintenance fee, so that could be another way of looking at it; but if you are a fan of indoor swimming, Solaris has an indoor swimming pool, Aventus and Avani does not. However, the compensation for swimming pool is the fact that there is indoor sauna available in all the buildings. If you have any further questions on this project, please feel free to give me a call, it will be a pleasure answering your questions.

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